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Corporate Tax

Corporate Tax

M&A Tax Services

Mergers and Acquisitions can provide significant growth for a company in a short period of time. TAG Tax can provide in-depth knowledge of worldwide tax jurisdictions to provide a trouble-free transaction. Technical support can be provided during the entire process including due diligence reviews, advice on applications and Tax issues which may arise due to the merger. We can also provide support and advice during liquidation processes.

Research & Development Tax Reviews

R&D is likely to apply when a project seeks to accomplish an advance in science or technology and the activities undertaken to succeed in this advancement though the resolution of scientific or technological uncertainty. Both large and small/medium sized companies may claim relief for various categories of qualifying expenditure such as,

  • Staffing costs
  • Consumable items
  • Qualifying sub-contractor costs

Some R&D questions that you may want to ask yourself;

  • Does the project involve any technical challenges?
  • Is the project setting new standards?
  • Are there readily available solutions already on the market place?

Many companies by not claiming research and development tax incentives are losing out. Research and development has much wider definition than many people think; you might be eligible for tax benefits and not taking full advantage.

Advancement or uncertainties could include;

  • Creating a process, service, material, device or product
  • An appreciable improvement to an existing process, service etc
  • Arise from the complexity of a system rather than how the individual components behave
  • Arise if a competent professional working in a field can not really deduce how the separate components or subsystems should be combined to have intended function

Farmers Tax Specialists

As farming tax specialist we can help on a number of issues which could be affecting the profitability of your farm such as the burden of the highest rate of tax. We can also discuss with you the positives and negatives of incorporation or planning idea’s which are available for sole traders and partnerships. So give us a call for a free initial consultation.

Tax Restructuring Services

  • Do you own a number of separate companies?
  • Would you prefer a more simplified group structure?

In simple terms, any potential organisation of a company/companies will lead to a tax charge if it is not undertake correctly.

We can help by providing group restructuring advice to mitigate tax relating to the restructure process and dealing with all necessary tax clearance applications with HM Revenue & Customs both from a direct and indirect perspective.  Area’s to consider us include;

  • Setting up a group structure
  • Share for share exchanges.
  • Group consolidation via member voluntary liquidations
  • Substantial Shareholdings Exemption reviews
  • Exit planning via purchase of own shares.
  • Transferring losses via intergroup