Brecon Sprint Triathlon and Pen-y-fan Challenge

Brecon Sprint Triathlon and Pen-y-fan Challenge

It was my 6th Triathlon and I was excited as usual.

But I wanted to make some changes to my fundraising scheme because I love the mountains, which gave me a great idea.


My Triathlon will run through Brecon Beacons in South Wales and located there is the highest mountain in South Wales; Pen y Fan, which is  886m tall

I have set myself a challenge to run up and down the beautiful mountain immediately after the Triathlon, I’ve asked my supporters to sponsor me for this challenge to help raise as much money as possible for the Children in Guatemala. .

I asked Cathrine Pendelton for help who is a organizer and Triathlete competing in the Brecon Triathlon Club. She is a lovely lady and I can’t thank her enough for help and support she’s given me!

Thank you Cathrine!

So how did the race go ?

I arrived in Brecon a day before the race as it was a 130 mile drive from my home.

I shot some video when I arrived the Camp Site hoping to gain some new supporters for my cause.

Afterwards, tired from driving and training I went and got some well deserved sleep.

The race started around lunch time, which gave me plenty of time to catch up on sleep and to get ready for the race!

So I got to the presentation and was given my race number; 126 and the swim start was at 2.05pm. This gave me some time to observe the other competitors and meet some of the other athletes. Before I knew it, it was time for the race to start. The water was fairly warm as I’m used to training in a lake back in North Wales. 16 lengths of the pool later, it was time for my favourite part of the race, I hopped onto my bike and rode as hard as I could. I found it harder than usual as I’d been running up and down Snowdon a couple of days before the race so my quads were killing me! I tried not to think about it and kept on pushing. There was a couple of fast guys and I did manage to catch up to one of them and matched his speed. Eventually I found to power to overtake him but this was on the transition and he was only 2 seconds behind me. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to beat him as I’m not the best road runner, but I soldiered through and did my best,

photo 2 (1).JPG
photo 1 (1).JPG


Overall I really enjoyed the run as it was through a forested area which reminded my of home :). There was a great atmosphere at the race and everyone there really friendly. As I’m reaching the finish line I can see all my supporters cheering me on, They’re most important thing to me when I race. When i received my medal it was presented to me by a group of young girls which empowered me as they reminded me of the Guatemala children.

So finish the Brecon Sprint Triathlon in 1:24 came 53rd of 182 overall which I was happy with, but I was 5th out of the female and 1st on bikes!

I still didn’t know my results when I finish the rave, but as I promised I left afterwards to up Pen Y Fan, I drove the 4 miles to the car park and start my run up. I was still warm enough after the race and felt just as strong. I got to the top in 48 minutes and took some videos for my supporters and continued my run down the mountain. I was finished in 1 hour and 17 minutes and took the time to sit down and contemplate my accomplishments.

10603606_1093474713999760_3655396002989210447_n.jpg1975092_1093474640666434_370120062311170625_n.jpgphoto 4.JPG11200580_1093474583999773_1617986857874873041_n.jpg11150945_1093474740666424_6871356787241698727_n.jpg

I was exstatic when I recieved my results but i knew I could still do better, but in the end I’d met loads of lovely people and gained lots of tips and tricks for the race next year!

So I have raised £102 doing the Brecon and Pen y Fan Challenge and I will leave the fund open till my next race

So thank you all for reading this and please support me anything you can

my next race will be Pwlhelli 50 miles on 7th of June

Abersoch Sprint Triathlon on 13rd of June

Denibgh Sprint Triathlon on 21st of June

Cardiff Olymic Triathlon on 28th June

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